Group Class Descriptions

All classes are designed to help you have a dog you can live with! Emphasis is on practical, everyday uses for the things taught. A variety of modern, positive-reinforcement-based techniques are used. (Click here for more info on techniques)

Classes are six weeks in length, meeting once a week for approximately one hour. The whole family is welcome to attend. Cost is $150.

Discounts: (one per dog)
$15 off for shelter and rescue adoptees
$15 off for seniors (65 or better).

Dog training classes are taught at the Creature Comforts Pet Center in Milwaukie and at Trainers to the Rescue in Cornelius. Click for Directions.


Beginning class is for dogs 17 weeks or older at the start of class. Common training cues such as SIT, COME, DOWN, STAY, and HEEL will be covered. How to deal with MANNERS issues such as jumping up, ‘counter surfing,’ leash pulling, and getting into inappropriate things will be taught. SAFETY issues in and out of class are emphasized.


Puppy Kindergarten is for puppies that are 10 to 16 weeks old at the start of class. We cover a variety of puppy issues such as mouthing, house training, dog/dog and dog/people socialization. There are controlled play times during each class so puppies learn how to interact safely with a variety of types and sizes of puppies. Boisterous puppies learn how to play nicely with shy or smaller puppies, and shy puppies are helped to gain more confidence in social settings. MANAGEMENT issues are addressed to keep your puppy safe in your home and your home safe from your puppy! Tips for the home-alone puppy will be discussed. Training cues similar to Beginning class, but at a puppy level, will be introduced. These include, SIT, DOWN, COME,  DROP it and LEAVE it, walking nicely on leash. As in Beginning, SAFETY is emphasized at all times.

Auntie Sally Dog & Puppy Training Photo Chi & Scott