Training Techniques

My dog training classes are taught using modern, positive-reinforcement-based techniques, rather than traditional punishment, force, or aversion-based methods. Choke chains, prong collars, and leash jerking are not allowed. Students are encouraged to look for good behaviors to be rewarded rather than for undesirable behaviors to be punished.

Clickers and/or a verbal signal are used as a marker for correct behavior, followed by appropriate reinforcement. This can be in the form of treats, praise, petting, toys – whatever your dog finds rewarding. Students learn how to match reinforcements to the dog and the particular training circumstance.

Many of the techniques used are described in the various books on our Recommended Reading list. Reading and frequent attendance at seminars and conferences is one of the ways I try to stay current in the fast-growing body of knowledge on dog training. I am committed to bringing my students the best that is available and to providing a fun and effective learning experience.

Enjoy this entertaining video of a dog who was trained using the type of techniques that you will learn in my classes.

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Auntie Sally Dog & Puppy Training Photo